Take out your pencil and paper, it’s time for a quiz!

Most people don’t realize there are a variety of methods of Natural Family Planning. This can be overwhelming at first – they’ve already made the difficult decision not to use contraception, and now they have to navigate multiple methods? This quiz is intended to help people new to NFP figure out which method may be a good fit for them.

Obviously the results are not binding – if your answers indicate one method but you’re attracted to another method, by all means use the one you want! Additionally, some areas only offer courses in one or two methods, so look to see what’s available before setting your heart on a particular one. (Then again, you may be able to learn remotely – contact specific organizations for more information on that.) It’s also important to realize you can switch methods, and you very well may do so at some point in time.

While this quiz will highlight the differences between methods, all forms of NFP are actually fairly similar. One very important similarity is their efficacy in avoiding pregnancy.

Please note we are only discussing modern methods of NFP here, and not the outdated Rhythm Method or other calendar methods. While these may work very well for some women with very regular cycles, the majority of women will experience cycle irregularity at some point. The methods included in this quiz work with your specific body and cycle, as opposed to simply relying on averages.



1.) What are your mornings like?
A) I wake up (or could wake up) at pretty much the same time (within ½ hour) every day..
B) My wakeup time varies somewhat but not more than a couple hours..
C) All over the place – one day I may be up at 6:00, the next day not until 10:00.
D) It just depends on the day.

2.) What makes you feel more comfortable?
A.) I like the idea of monitoring several signs, so that I always have a backup.
B.) I’d appreciate the monitor to do all the checking.
C.) I’m comfortable focusing (more intently) on one sign.
D.) Meh. I like to wing it.

3.) Which of the following would you spouse be most open to hearing?
A.) We need to look at my temperature and my mucus pattern to see where we are.
B.) The machine will tell us where we are.
C.) We need to look only at my mucus pattern to see where we are
D.) Does it matter where we are?

4.)Tell me about your cycles?
A) They may not be completely regular but I’m not looking to do anything drastic to fix them.
B) Post Partum. Enough said.
C) They may not be completely regular and I’d do anything including surgery to fix it.
D) They come and go in a cyclic nature. Isn’t that all I need to know?

5.) We had to ask, how much money can you spend?
A) $10-$12 plus a book would be nice.
B) Spending $150-$200 isn’t unfeasible.
C) We’d prefer less but if we find out there’s a problem we have the money to see doctors for treatment.
D) This costs money? No thanks.


Mostly As – A sympto-thermal method (STM). You’ll take your temperature each morning and observe your cervical mucus each day; you may optionally check your cervix as well. For more information, check out:
Couple-to-Couple League
Northwest Family Services
Taking Charge of Your Fertility

Mostly Bs – A symptohormonal method. You’ll test your urine each morning and observe your cervical mucus each day. For more information, check out:
Marquette Model

Mostly Cs – An mucus only method. You’ll observe your cervical mucus each day. For more information, check out:
Creighton Model FertilityCare System
Billings Method
Family of the Americas

Please note that all methods of NFP can be used to identify women’s health issues, but Creighton FertilityCare tends to be the model people most often choose for diagnoses because of Dr. Hilger’s very well developed criteria and curricula. Plus there are physcians trained in Natural Procreative Technology throughout the country.

Mostly Ds – No method. There’s no rule that you must use NFP, after all. If you don’t have a reason to avoid pregnancy, then enjoy the freedom and excitement of sex without having to deal with daily observations and charting.

If you are a Spanish-speaking couple, you may prefer to use Family of the Americas or Billings (mucus only methods). The Couple-to-Couple League (symptothermal method) and Marquette Model (symptohormonal method) also have instruction in Spanish.

The organizations listed here are active in the United States; there are also additional NFP groups in various other countries.

Disclaimer: This is not a scientific poll, nor is it an official endorsement of any particular method or organization. We, as always, are open to suggestions for more a accurate poll.