NFP Awareness Week is coming up next month and we’ve got something big planned but we need your help!

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We’re hosting our very own NFP Promotion Video and Graphic contest. By July 21st  submit videos you’ve made promoting NFP to us and we’ll post them to youtube so the world can see your handiwork! For the graphics, again just email them to us and we’ll get them loaded here on the site.

We want the graphics and videos to be informative and approachable to those who are unfamiliar with NFP. You can tell us why you like NFP, how NFP has helped you, or give info on how to get started using it. Tell us why you’re passionate about using NFP.

At the end of the week we’ll announce the best video/graphic and winners! For the video contest the winner will receive a Google Nexus 7, a subscription to CCLI’s Family Foundation’s Magazine, and a subscription to MyFertilityMD’s charting services. The graphic winner will receive a subscription to Family Foundation’s Magazine and MyFertilityMD’s charting services. (Find out more about the amazing physician delevoped charting app and website from MyFertilityMD with their promo video here!)

We know what you’re thinking though. You’re not a graphic designer or freaking William Goldenberg, how are you going to make something for this? Don’t worry! If you have a camera, a webcam, or even an smartphone you can enter. We’re looking for videos from people of any skill level. The video can be in the style of an interview, a commercial, or even an unedited 1-take vlog! For the graphic it can be a simple jazzed up Instagram or someecards picture, a little more jazzy graphic made on PicMonkey, or a super fancy image from Adobe. (Most of our images are made on PicMonkey by a person who no training whatsoever in graphic design, me!)

Help us out by sharing this contest with your friends, on your blog, on Twitter/Facebook, whereever! Let us know if you have questions and we can’t wait to see your work!


Special thanks to our co-sponsors MyFertilityMD and Couple to Couple League for their support with this contest! And our friend Cassie for her amazing skills for the images! ūüôā

NFP Video and Graphic Contest + Giveaway
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