About NFP – The Science

  Is Natural Family Planning supported by science? Yes! NFP relies on the science of a woman’s body. You could say that Natural Family Planning fits all the pieces together.  THE BASICS All natural family planning (NFP) methods have the


Natural Family Planning Methods

This page may contain affiliate links There’s no such thing as one-size fits all healthcare, and Natural Family Planning is no different! There are 3 main Natural Family Planning methods, with several groups teaching their own version of each method.


Does NFP Work?

The million dollar question. Each of the Natural Family Planning methods has undergone multiple studies that have proven the method effectiveness to be above 90% at avoiding pregnancy. How does that compare to artificial contraception?   But what do these numbers

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Which Method of NFP Is Right For Me?

Most people don’t realize there are a variety of methods of Natural Family Planning. This can be overwhelming at first – they’ve already made the difficult decision not to use contraception, and now they have to navigate multiple methods? This quiz is

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Naprotechnology and Infertility

NaProTechnology and Infertility

NaProTechnology (also known as NaPro) is a relatively new women's health science that works cooperatively with a woman's natural cycle ...
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5 of our favorite Women’s Health Organizations

Natural Family Planning isn't just about baby-making (or avoiding!). It's healthcare in it's purest, most feminist form. So we wanted ...
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