Natural Family Planning (NFP) is a lifestyle choice people make for a multitude of reasons. Some people come to it for religious reasons, some people come to it so they can be a better steward to the earth, and some people come to it as a last resort in their infertility journey. Regardless of why a couple chooses natural family planning the goal is that they learn the innate goodness of a woman’s body and her natural fertility.

For too long women have been told to medicate their femininity away, they have been told to suppress the very thing that makes them women in order to be more successful in the world. They have been sold a false bill of goods that states women should take an imperfect, carcinogenic drug with horrid immediate side effects and then when that drug fails they’re told the only answer is an invasive surgical procedure.

Natural Family Planning instead teaches women to recognize her fertility and about the dignity of her body. In turn she asks the man in her life to respect her body the way it is. NFP is empowering, enlightening, and fundamental knowledge every person should have. We were not made to live in ignorance of our bodies for the sake of big Pharma and an over sexualized culture. We deserve better than that.

It has no cancer causing chemicals, no blood clots risks, no wasted plastic containers heading to the landfill every month, and no excess chemicals entering the environment. It is 99% effective at avoiding pregnancy and it has the ability to diagnose underlying diseases in a woman. Natural family planning is true health care, unlike hormonal contraceptives, and it is a basic need of every woman.

What is NFP?
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