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Trying to conceive can now be a little less stressful thanks to the Progesterone Double Check Test Strips!
Trying to conceive can now be a little less stressful thanks to the Progesterone Double Check Test Strips!


Yesterday I had the immense pleasure of chatting with Amy Beckley, founder of MFB Fertility, LLC, and creator of Ovulation Double Check, the FI Slide23 RST at-home progesterone test for couples looking to achieve or avoid pregnancy.

Can we all take a minute here and marvel at how we are in 2016 and we’re only just now getting this tech?? Actually, and this may not surprise you at all, but this science has been around since the 90’s. That’s what happens when companies determine there is no “market” for whatever they have studied.

But Dr. Beckley has found that market.

Inspired by her own struggles with infertility and armed with her background in hormone signaling, Dr. Beckley created Ovulation Double Check – a surprisingly simple at home urine test which can detect the presence of progesterone at as little as 5 micromolars. For perspective, that means that the day you perceive what you think is a potential temperature rise, or have reached “peak day” mucus, you can take this test and know for sure if you have ovulated or not. No more waiting three days to confirm ovulation!

Just to reiterate, that’s a THREE DAY IMPROVEMENT.

What does this mean for couples who are trying to achieve?

Dr. Beckley is no stranger to the unique challenges facing couples who are struggling to achieve a pregnancy. In particular, the toll that “sex as a to-do” becomes on one’s marriage. Cycle after cycle of having sex as often as possible because you can’t dare miss ovulation. The stress of not knowing if you’re in the two week wait or not – and therefore not feeling comfortable just relaxing with your spouse without having sex. For some women, their signs can be confusing, they may not ever have textbook, photo-quality mucus. It comes, it goes. Sometimes there is a double peak, where it appears as if you ovulated but something (like stress, irony of ironies) prevents your body from releasing an egg. By having an at-home progesterone test and being able to confirm that you’ve already ovulated or not, some of that stress can be alleviated. If the test is positive, you’ve already ovulated. You can breathe for a while – at least, you can take a break from sex (unless the mood strikes! Freedom!).




What about couples trying to avoid?

Everything awesome about this test for couples trying to achieve applies to couples trying to avoid. For many couples, serious reasons to avoid a pregnancy restrict them to using only confirmed post-ovulation days. For couples who have a difficult time determining whether they’ve ovulated or not, these strips will be able to put their minds at ease. With ovulation being confirmed so quickly, couples will be able to enjoy phase three (post ovulation infertile time) quicker than they ever have before.

So. Much. Stress. GONE!

Is it compatible with my method?

I see no reason why these tests can’t be compatible with every method. Dr. Richard Fehring, of Marquette University (yes, THAT Marquette) is fully on board with Dr. Beckley’s product already and is planning on incorporating the tests into the Marquette App which is currently under development. Similarly, methods such as the Sympto-Thermal method and the Boston Cross Check Method shouldn’t have any problem incorporating these tests into their methods (though some post-ovulatory rules will have to be studied again and redefined. This takes time before anything definitive can be published).

If you’re already using LH strips pre-ovulation, then these progesterone strips post-ovulation will also be a good fit.

I don’t think I have to tell you, this is truly an answer to prayers (or good waves, vibes, thoughts, whatever your flavor is).


****UPDATE**** These tests are now available on Amazon! All the praise hands! Just a reminder, if you buy them through our affiliate link, we will get a little commission but your price will not be affected in any way.

What if we told you NFP is about to get a whole lot easier?

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