This year has already brought with it a lot of changes in my personal life. A move to a new state, new friends, new house, new daily routine. Not to mention the ever changing needs of my two kids. I had planned also for some changes to iuseNFP. A new website experience, plenty of new content, more engagement on Facebook and Twitter and some possibly expanding our reach in new directions. But plans change. I didn’t expect the move to disrupt our schedule so very much. I didn’t expect the postpartum depression to last so very long or take so much out of me.


That’s what happens with our family plans too, right? We plan our babies. Two years after the wedding, two years after the first birth. Maybe one or two more. Or maybe we plan for a honeymoon baby. Sometimes even the best plans, with the best intentions, don’t happen though. The baby doesn’t come, either when expected or at all. Or they come quicker than we thought they ever could. Health problems crop up. Our method of birth control doesn’t work for our lifestyle anymore.


What doesn’t change though, is your right to know your body. 


Friends, this year at iuseNFP, we’d like to invite you to learn more about Natural Family Planning. For some of you, this might be totally new information. Some of you might be 10 year veterans. But things change. We start to get a little fuzzy on the why’s or the how’s of what we’re doing. New technology is developed. Your body’s or family’s needs change. So poke around, read a little. Contact a teacher to begin classes or get in touch with your previous teacher for a refresher course (we love hearing back from our clients!).  Changes happen, and Natural Family Planning can be right there with you.


Peace and hope,



Sometimes things change
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