There are several methods of natural family planning available. Some methods use only one fertility sign, some use up to three, and some use fertility signs as well as hormone levels. All methods have similar success rates. Each method has rules for various life stages; postpartum, peri/menopause, hormone imbalances, etc. You can choose one based on your budget, learning style, and how many crosschecks will make you feel comfortable! Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of methods available. Just because you start learning one method, it doesn’t mean that you are obligated to only ever use that method. Many couples switch methods as their life circumstances change.

Mucus Only Method

These methods teach the careful observation and charting of the absence or presence of cervical mucus throughout the day.

Billings (BOMA) – worldwide
Creighton (CrMS)
Family of Americas Foundation Ovulation Method

Sympto-Hormonal Method

This method of NFP teaches women how to use an at-home fertility monitor to measure daily levels of reproductive hormones, as well as to observe and chart cervical mucus.

Boston CrossCheck Method

Sympto-Thermal Methods

These methods of NFP are also referred to as “cross check” methods because they teach the careful observation and charting of cervical mucus, basal body temperature (BBT), and the optional cervix sign.

Couple to Couple League (CCL)
SymptoPro Fertility Education (NWFS)
Natural Family Planning International
Serena – an organization especially for our sisters up north!

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