In honor of Infertility Awareness Week we have a great post from our friend Melissa who shares her struggle with infertility and how using Napro Technology helped her achieve a pregnancy.

I’ve been using Creighton Model Fertility Awareness since February 2010. When I was 19 years old I was diagnosed with moderate endometriosis and was put on hormonal contraception to treat it. After a few years of that treatment I decided it was time get off. My mother died at a young age of breast cancer and I knew the pill put me at an even greater risk for developing it. I was able to maintain a treatment free life for three years.

A little over a year into my marriage I realized I could no longer ignore my endometriosis and went back to the doctor. I had surgery to remove the endometriosis but later would find out it was preformed incorrectly. After 10 months of still not feeling well and being told we were officially infertile (we’d been trying to get pregnant for almost two years) I began to seek out alternative forms of treatment. Though I desperately wanted a child my first priority was getting myself healthy. After extensive research I knew IVF and other forms of traditional fertility treatment could result in a child but they would’ve done very little if anything to treat my disease. It was then I stumbled upon Napro Technology and Creighton Model and since my life and my health have improved greatly.

After a month of charting with Creighton our Napro doctor was able to tell us my surgery the previous year had been preformed incorrectly and I would most likely need another. Not wanting to have another surgery so quickly we decided to try other forms of treatment first. We changed my diet, and added supplements and medications to boost my immune system because endometriosis is an auto immune disease. Within weeks I felt the best I had in many years. Unfortunately after a few months of that treatment my health began to decline again and we knew it was time for another surgery.

Two months after surgery I was feeling better than ever and we became pregnant with our first child. It’s been three years since I began using Creighton and seeing a Napro doctor. After we had our son we were able to use Creighton to postpone pregnancy for a few months since he was born via c-section. After that Creighton helped me to discover a hormone imbalance which was easily treatable thanks to our Napro doctor. Now we are using Creighton and Napro as I recover from a molar pregnancy. I’ve seen a lot of doctors in my young life but I’ve never experienced medicine that is so thorough and person centered. My fertility is no longer treated as a symptom of my womanhood but as an intricate and essential part of my entire being.


Using Napro Technology to Treat Infertility
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