Here’s a few of our favorite NFP friends:

Living The Sacrament They offer tons of information of Natural Family Planning with a private forum for all of your personal questions. They have one of the largest Catholic Communities available online.

1flesh A grassroots movement in opposition to the use of artificial contraception within marriage, dedicated to bringing great sex to the entire universe.

NFP Works Blog Features a fantastic NFP Round Up with the latest and greatest news in the Natural Family Planning World, plus loads of fantastic commentary by the witty and hilarious Jess.

Guiding Star Project A great site for information on rising wave of New Feminist and commentary on raising awareness and respect for the true beauty and dignity of all women.

Couple to Couple League International Provides information and instruction in the Symptothermal Method of Natural Family Planning.

Fertility Care A comprehensive for all your Creighton Model needs.

NFP Aware An informative site with information about the Billings method and upcoming NFP events and conferences.

Contraceptive Objector A platform for women to express their journey in choosing to break free from the confines of our contracepting American culture.

NFP  International A site dedicated to the teaching of Natural Family Planning, chastitiy, and morality in accordance with the Catholic Church.

Serena For our sisters up North this site is based out of Canada and promotes the Symptothermal Method.

The Pill Kills A very informative site about the adverse effects of hormonal contraceptives.

Northwest Family Services NWFS is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization dedicated to helping individuals and families succeed. They provide NFP education and teacher training as well as a whole host of other community-positive services.