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iuseNFP July 7, 2012

Here are a few of our favorite applications to help with NFP. If you know of any other ones that we should be aware of, please leave a comment below!

FemCal: Period and Ovulation Calculator

$3.99 paid version and free version available (Symptothermal Method Application)



Free for the Andriod (Symptothermal Method application)


NFP Charting

$2.99 a month or $11.99 for 6 months (For Billings)









$9.99 one time fee. Tracks cervical mucus, BBT, saliva ferning, urinary estrogen and LH, and more.

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  1. Hey ladies! great job on the site! It is great! I just wanted to throw out another suggestion for a charting app. I use “Period Tracker Deluxe.” I love this one! It works great for me. I tried to fill out paper charts everyday but I realized paper charts are not for me. I love the period tracker deluxe! It is $1.99 on the iphone or ipod touch.

  2. Another great app is Kindara Fertility for iPhone. This is based on Toni Weschler’s Taking Charge of Your Fertility, but I believe Billings charting is in development. The app was originally focused on TTC, but their latest release (July 19) just added some TTA features.


  3. Taking Charge of Your Fertility has a great application to track cycles using STM (I am able to incorporate Marquette into it, as well). Not sure if they have any phone apps, but they do have web-charting. Premium is $1.50/month (unlimited chart archiving), and basic is free (charts only archived for 3 months). http://www.tcoyf.com

  4. I should probably state that I have tried FertilityFriend.com but for >4 months it has had a hard time reading all my signs and symptoms.

  5. MyFertilityMD teaches the user to observe their biomarkers, but is not exactly like any other method. It does not teach one method vs another. It is accurate in determining fertility, if biomarkers and data entry is done correctly. Keep in mind that the first week or so of using the app will tell you that you are FERTILE because it is getting to know your system, and doesn’t want to risk pregnancy during that data gathering time. MyFertilityMD uses Mucus, Temp, Saliva Ferning, Cervical Position, and Hormone Fertility Test kits…..it can use any combination of these bio markers, and can also use only Mucus as it’s baseline test.

  6. Cycle Plus Fertility and Period Tracker. Very comprehensive: lets you track lots of signs and symptoms (free), features multiple interpretations (with fee); PLUS daily theology of the body quote (free!) and extra information about women’s health. Linked to myfertilitycharts.com. I’m single and lvoe it for monitoring health.

  7. Is there one that works on a Samsung phone? I’m looking at these and they all look like they are for iPhone.

  8. Based on the dates of these comments, I’m a little late to the party! I pray someone is still monitoring this, as I have a question: Is there an app for those of us right in the middle of menopause?? Thank you in advance for any advice (:


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