We know that starting to learn about Natural Family Planning can be a little scary and a little overwhelming, so we tried to make our site as easy to use as possible. About NFP will tell you a little about how the modern methods of NFP were established and what ideologies NFP espouses. Directly underneath it is  “The Science of NFP” which is a must read for any woman – what they taught you in your high school health class was not enough! Why NFP offers a great explanation for why our very own Katie is already sure that she will not be prescribing hormonal contraceptives in her medical practice. Under Links you’ll be able to find lots of great resources, websites, and products to help you in your NFP journey.  We also list some great apps there that you can use to help you chart NFP with some reviews to come. If you’re looking for an NFP teacher or are interested in an NFP-only physician, you can find that link there too. Last but not least, we are always happy to share our favorite NFP-related items. When you buy through our store, we receive 4% of the proceeds (without affecting the price you pay!) so that we can continue to offer give-aways and other awesome iuseNFP gear.

So take a look around, click all over. We hope you find what you’re looking for and if you still have any questions or concerns, send us an email at: hello@iusenfp.com. We’re always happy to read fan-letters too! iuseNFP is an on-going collaboration so stop back often for new articles and resources.