So I follow a lot of Natural Family Planning email alerts, twitter pages and what not and lately I’ve been overwhelmed with all the great things coming out in the fertility world. So I was looking for a way to keep track of it all and was reminded exactly how much I missed Jess’s Fertility News Round Up.

See where I’m going?

We talked to Jess and she graciously (and hilariously) offered Fertility News Round Up over to us. So every month we’re going to be featuring links to all the great fertility related things going on in the world.  So let’s get started.


Waking Up From The Pill: A long (but worth it) article about the unforeseen complications on the price of “sexual freedom.” 

Calvary Fertility Clinic To Open: Great news for those in Australia. A new natural fertility clinic will open north of Adelaide in June.

Probe Continues Over Woman’s Death at Columbia: A woman who suffered from blood clots secondary to Nuvaring died at Columbia.

Should We Take Eggs From Aborted Babies?: The further and further we separate children asa byproduct of sex the more they become a commodity. This article features the further objectification of these children and the moral issues that arise. “You would have somebody born who is the child of someone who never lived.”

On The Pill: A Bittersweet Reflection: Holly Grigg Spall reflects on her time on the pill and the need for re-education of the public on natural methods of family planning.

Birth Control and Migraines Don’t Mix: A new study published indicates a link between women who have migraines taking combined oral contraception pills and blood clots.

The Purpose of Marriage is Not Procreation: Obviously not something we agree with but an interesting look at fertility, sex, and procreation.

Philadelphia Abortion Clinic Horror: There’s been a lot written in blogs and just recently the news about the Gosnell trial but here’s one of the first, coining what I think says it all ” This is not about being “pro-choice” or “pro-life.” It’s about basic human rights.”

And I saved my favorite for last: a blog series!

Blog Series on NFP: Carrots For Michaelmas is hosting a series of guest post by women sharing their experience using NFP.

Let us know if we missed anything great that you’ve seen and we can get it added. ūüôā

Fertility News Round Up
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