Dear Kourtney,

We were trolling the internet the other day, jonesing for our daily dose of Kardashian news and happened upon this, a US Magazine article about your recent family planning intentions. Let me tell you, we were thrilled to catch wind of this revelation of yours.

Before we get too far allow us to introduce ourselves, we’re Kayla and Katie (Don’t we fit in nicely with the “K” theme?) of iuseNFP and we happen to have a bit in common with you. We subscribe to a similar set of beliefs as you, that having children is a good thing, that the pill may not be all it’s cracked up to be, and that spiders are terrifying. 

We want to invite you to learn about NFP, real scientific NFP. You may have heard of it before, probably something about “doesn’t work,” “crazy Catholics,” and I’m sure that a “Duggar” reference was thrown in too. Bad reputations are hard to break and that’s exactly what we’re trying to do.

So let us tell you the truth about NFP. NFP stands for Natural Family Planning. It’s not the ‘rhythm method.’ It’s equally efficacious at postponing pregnancy as any other contraceptive on the market today. It comes without side effects and it’s catered to your exact body and cycle, whether that cycle is perfectly regular or a far cry from those “28 day” cycles (unlike the rhythm method, the pill, or any of the other contraptions used for contraception these days).  Oh and did we mention it is not the rhythm method? Ok good.

NFP works by teaching women about their bodies instead of ignoring their bodies and suppressing their wonderful gift of fertility. It teaches women how to work with it. NFP teaches us to recognize our signs of fertility and allows us to adjust our actions according to our intentions that cycle. We are fully aware of the potential result of every sexual act we partake in, unlike other methods that let us live assuming we’re ‘protected.’ Couples decide whether or not they’re willing to accept another child every cycle and act accordingly. (Don’t worry, couples using NFP actually an report having more sex than those contracepting. Scott can breath a sigh of relief now, right?)

We know that choosing what method of family planning you want to use is a deeply personal one and we don’t want to rush you. We’re just hoping to reach out to you as friendly strangers with honest information and eyes that don’t roll when you state “You don’t believe in the pill anymore.” We hope you’ll continue to look into all the benefits of using Natural Family Planning. In fact, we know of this really great website with tons of scientific information and personal stories about actually using NFP. *wink wink*

We could go on and on about the benefits of practicing NFP instead of artificial contraception but we don’t want to bore you. A new mom of 2 with a TV show must keep you busy enough, let alone crazy letters from random strangers pushing their preferred method of family planning on you. So tell the family we said “Hi!”, give those beautiful babies a snuggle from us, and keep us in mind.


Much love,

Kayla & Katie


Dear Kourtney Kardashian

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