It’s your body – not a mystery and not a nuisance. Ready to learn more and be blown away?

Good, because that’s why we’re here!

Created for you, iuseNFP was launched in 2012 to provide active, responsible women with up-to-date, complete, and accessible information about Natural Family Planning (NFP). We believe in the power of woman and we believe that the incredible lack of information available to our girls and young women about their own bodies is a wrong that must be corrected immediately. We believe that you are awesome and 100% capable of taking charge of your fertility, embracing your whole self from the inside out, and planning your family, your way. We’re not into burning bras, but we ARE into burning condoms, diaphragms, pills, shots, iuds and whatever other crap is foisted onto (or into) us as the supposed “only way” to address our family planning needs. Because women’s healthcare shouldn’t begin and end with an Rx for a class one carcinogen.

  • If you’re passionate about women’s rights
  • If you’re committed to responsible healthcare
  • If you’re left feeling like the current family planning methods – pills, shots, implants, barriers and their hosts of unpleasant, negative side effects can’t possibly be the only options out there

Then we’d just like to say, “Hello, new best friend.”

Who are we?


Kayla Peterson, cofounder of

Hi! I’m Kayla. I’m a book-loving mother of 2. During my senior year of college I became passionate about Fertility Awareness. I couldn’t believe more women didn’t know about this! Why wasn’t this knowledge taught in health class? Since then, I’ve become a certified Sympto-Pro instructor and have dedicated myself to sharing Natural Family Planning with all women. In my spare time, I drink too much coffee, throw dance parties with my kids, and travel the country with my husband. I want to dip my toes into the pacific ocean by the end of the year.


Hi! I’m Katie. I’m a physician practicing in the Midwest and mom to two sweet daughters and another two sweet dogs. I found out about fertility awareness as I was preparing to get married. I decided that I wanted an equally reliable but far more natural method to plan our family. Now I love being able to teach my patients about the benefits of fertility awareness. When I’m not at the hospital I’m spending time at home with my family, reading a medical journal (AKA binge watching something on Netflix with the NEJM open next to me), or finding ways to put off doing laundry.

Fun fact: It’s been 4 years since we launched and we still have never met in person! Gotta love the internet, right?!